Acey Slade was born in Pennsylvania, but bred in Brooklyn, NY. Acey has a career of mythical proportions that seemingly has no end.

Cutting his teeth in the Philly rock scene, he moved to NYC and joined the band Dope who released two albums on Sony records. Acey co-wrote the song ‘Now or Never’ and the song ‘Die MF Die’ (which is currently at over 100 million spins on Spotify alone).

From there he joined Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison in the Murderdolls. After several world tours with everyone from Papa Roach to Iron Maiden, the band gained a large international following. The Murderdolls were constantly cleaning up every poll in every music magazine in the UK and performing on Top of the Pops and BBC1 radio shows.

After this whirlwind of touring, Acey took time to work on his own band Trashlight Vision, and then another project called the Dark Party.

Winter of 2010 Acey join rock and roll royalty by playing bass for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. They recorded the ‘Unvarnished’ album which saw them appear on all of the major late night and day time TV talk shows. World wide touring ensued supporting the Foo Fighters and by 2015 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame.

By 2016, a few other legendary punk rockers had their eye on Acey as he joined the reunited Misfits as 2nd guitarist for their prodigious return. This coincided with a reunion tour for his alma mater Dope and he’s split his time between the two bands ever since.

In the midst of all the crazy that was 2020, Acey and his wife seized their opportunity and started Catfight Coffee. When they aren’t visiting coffee plantations in Latin America, Indonesia or elsewhere, they catch a break at their home in Taipei, Taiwan before heading back to the East Coast hustle.

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